Experimenting with Video!

In an effort to actually start working with the shit ton of GoPro footage I’ve shot over the last few years, I downloaded Final Cut Pro and began the task of trying to piece together a small video. I chose footage from a recent visit to Ruifeng Night Market in Kaohsiung, Taiwan as my starting point.

The goal?

-Create a complete story from start to finish about the visit.
-Include a music track
-Switch from that music track to the original audio of the video and back again (more than once if possible).
-Intro. the video with text

I took inspiration from “Huang’s World” (previously Fresh Off the Boat), a video series by Vice now that features uber hipster Huang traveling around the world to analyze subculture, usually through the lens of food. I’m a big fan of the Human Panda, but those loud ass outfits and the generous use of east coast slang terms make it hard for some to take him serious.

Nonetheless their footage is golden and that’s what I was hoping to….ugh…replicate?

Ruifeng Night Market from Jay Woodson on Vimeo.


I shit you not, this video took nearly 8 hours to make. That is from the moment I opened Final Cut Pro to completing the video (minus export); 8 hours on a Saturday night while my girl was out with her classmates. Nuff said.

I happy with the results but with success comes more questions:
-I get the different cuts, but I really want to try to focus on splitting the audio track from the video track. How do I have an audio track that continues to play even though the video clip has changed?

-Can I find more options for text than what is currently available in Final Cut Pro (fonts, transitions, etc?)

-Is it better to export at full resolution then worry about shrinking the file size when I want to share/post to Vimeo/Youtube

-Where can I find a complete list of keyboard shortcuts to increase speed and efficiency?

No doubt I’ve probably forgotten a lot of what I did to create this video as I made it nearly 2 months ago.

I’ll keep working at it.


What is This?

What is This?

This is an attempt to get producing. It’s an attempt to experiment and learn. It’s an attempt to take control and work on my skill set in as free a setting as possible.

This is where I’ll jump into the media and try to answer questions for myself, through DOING.

I’ll be mostly using the resources available on DS106, but I hope to expand beyond that as time passes, using this space as a digital workshop to tinker with multiple forms of storytelling.

Introductions are in order as I’ll be following along (mostly trying to catch up) with the Western106 course that started five weeks ago. I’ll do my best to work through ALL material, but I don’t expect to catch up to everyone but the end of the 15-week course.

It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

The main task is to DO.


Focus Floating


If I’m to get to where I’d like to be as a producer of content, I’ll need a workshop.

This is that.